Soul Wealth is a global mission to help women live exceedingly and thrive in a place of holistic healing on a foundation of emotional strength. Soul Wealth charges you to get wealthy from a place deep within finding vision, compassion, authenticity, abundance, and to create the legacy that YOU want. Soul Wealth guides you to invest in your most treasured and hidden resource, yourself.

The Soul Wealth Academy will guide you to invest in your most treasured and hidden resource – yourself – while connecting you with a tribe of like-minded women who will provide support and encouragement.

Mystic Soul Sisterhood

If YOU are either an EMERGING or EVOLVED Mystic Soul Sister, you’re in the right place. You know there is more to your spiritual journey of faith.  Deep in your heart and soul there is a “knowing” that you can no longer ignore.

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Soul Wealth Membership Mentorship Tribe

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This sacred sisterhood community is comprised of women who are Mentees of Dr. Vikki Johnson. In this tribe, women enjoy daily, weekly, monthly interaction with each other as well as Dr. Johnson. The relationships, business connections, personal, professional, and spiritual development is organic. It also includes exclusive access to the annual Soul, Sun, Spa Luxury Weekend, a beach retreat that includes lots of immersion, reflection, and connection. Admission to this exclusive community is by application followed by an interview.

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Soul Wealth VIP Experience

The Soul Wealth VIP Experience is an exclusive one-on-one coaching opportunity. We create plans that are specifically designed to achieve goals that are unique to you. If you have been stuck in the planning stages, this program will propel you to the next level. We will change your mindset, your energy, and your focus to achieve your goals. This offering is a two- or four-hour customized experience.

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Changed My Life”